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Top 10 Pediatric PCD Pharma Company In India

With the largest population of infants, adolescents, and children all around the globe, India is known to possess a vast range of business opportunities when it comes to starting up a franchise of pediatric products in a particular desired location. After carefully screening every pediatric PCD pharma company, let us dive into this article to learn about some of the best ones in the industry that were concluded by us.

1. Rehan Care

Rehan Care is one of the best leading pediatric PCD pharma companies in India. It is well-renowned for its proven capabilities in several distinct areas, such as marketing, product research, and manufacturing. The company engages itself to provide an extensive assortment of some of the best and high-quality medications for children at a price affordable to all.

Being a successful pharma company in India, Rehan Care is known for providing the best setoff products and services to its potential clients, with their roots spread all across the country. It is one of the leading pediatric PCD pharma companies in India, with proven capabilities that no other company is capable of providing easily.

2. Sanify Healthcare

It has its business spread all across India with a wide range of products. All that a person needs is a drug license, TIN, and a GST number to start this business.

3. Apikos Pharma

It is known to provide quality PCD franchise services to its customers. The help provided by this company could help several PCD franchises to avail many benefits and grow at a faster pace.

4. Abiba Pharmacia

It is a pediatric portfolio comprising a wide variety of medications. They provide quality medicines at reasonable prices to some of the most extreme patients from all across the globe.

5. Kabir Lifesciences

It is one of the top pediatric franchise companies providing an extensive range of pediatric products for children and infants of all ages. Every quality metric is applied in this company to meet the standards of quality.

6. Amzor Healthcare

It aims to manufacture and provide the best products while following all the standard quality controls for its customers. It also specializes in the pediatric range and uses several promotional tools for promoting its products.

7. Arlak Ayurveda

Arlak Ayurveda is known to deliver 1000+ brands with its unique specialization of products under the pediatric range. They possess a wide range of products, such as capsules, syrups, creams, lotions, sachets, tablets, injectables, topical gels, oils, etc.

8. Swisschem Healthcare

It is known to offer all types of pediatric products. Apart from this, Swisschem healthcare has its own product development unit certified with GMP, WHO, and ISO.

9. Medibyte

It offers some of the best quality products covering capsules, dry syrups, and tablets. The pediatric range provided by the company is known to provide complete satisfaction to its customers coupled with dealing with the best products at reasonable prices.

10. Biofield Pharma

Biofield Pharma is known to have connected with more than 200 PCD franchises for the distribution of their products. It aims to focus on providing quality packaging, affordable rates with a reasonable margin of profits, timely delivery, and 24*7 hour assistance.

The above were some of the best pediatric pharmaceutical companies in India, offering PCD pharma franchises all across the globe. Choose the best pediatric PCD pharma company to bring out products manufactured with standard quality controls today.

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